Thursday, May 7, 2009

Back to Toronto

I've been away for one month to be exact. I was in Japan for two weeks and in Thailand for 3 weeks. My trip was AWESOME (except the fact that I hate flying)! It was my first time going to Japan. I actually like Japan more than I thought I would. The food, the culture, people, everything is just perfect.

Thailand was extremely hot and humid when I got there. In fact, I could hardly breath at all! April is the hottest month in Thailand and it was when I chose to go! I went to the beach at the southern part of Thailand. It was amazing! I stayed at a bungalow for a few nights. The bungalow was located on the mountains. It was quite a walk actually, but totally worth it! I wish I could stay in Japan/Thailand a little longer though!

I collected the shells for my family and friends, but I stupidly left them at the hotel :(

I will upload some of the pictures from my trips little by little. Please check back often.
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