Friday, October 30, 2009

Fabulous finds { TOKYO本音モデルズ }

I came across the youtube clips of TOKYO本音モデルズ featuring Vivi models Lena Fujii (藤井リナ), Marie (マリエ), and Rola (ローラ). It reminds me of The Hills. It's like the models' real life, but it's fiction. The clips also include some behind the scenes from Tokyo Girls Collections, photo shoots, etc.

Lena and Marie appear on TV more often recently. Vivi is one of my favorite Japanese fashion magazines. It was fun watching them, I LOVE their makeup by the way :)

Click here for the promo.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Shop n' Promotions { upcoming giveaway }

I finally sent necklaces to my future mother in law (as I mentioned on my last post). They have safely arrived and she seems to love them very much. I sent the vintage flower to her:

and the above necklace is for her friend. Since her friend is a music teacher, I made a custom necklace for her. My future mother in law thinks that it's such a "thoughtful gift". I'm so glad she's happy with the necklaces. I hope her friend will love it too.

***Next month is the 1st anniversary for my shop. I'm thinking about doing a giveaway. I haven't decided which necklace I'm planning to give. Please check back for more updates and a chance to win a free giveaway!!***

There are lots and lots of beetles these days, in my ROOM. I don't know if it's only me or what, but they seemed to be flying everywhere in my room. I think the weather is getting colder outside and they have to migrate somewhere warmer. They're cute, but I prefer them to be outside :P

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Today's lunch { Korokke and ketchup fried rice }

I have some left over baked potatoes from dinner the other night. I thought Korokke (croquette) would be a great idea for today's lunch. I know ketchup fried rice sounds funny, but it is such a perfect combination with potato korokke. I added tonkatsu sauce over potatoes korokke and it tastes even better!! Another yummy homemade meal :)

Ingredients for ketchup fried rice (for 2):
Cooked rice 2 cups
Mixed vegetables 1/4 cup
Garlic, finely chopped 2 cloves
Butter 1 tablespoon
Oil 1 tablespoon
Salt and Pepper
Ketchup 2-3 tablespoons
Shrimps (optional)

1.Heat the oil, put butter into pan with the oil.
2.Once the butter melts, add garlic and mixed vegetables. Saute until fragrant.
3.Add shrimp and take shrimp out when almost cooked.
4.Add rice into the pan, then put the shrimp back into the pan.
5.Season with ketchup, salt and pepper.
6.Serve with potato korokke and some grilled asparagus.

For korokke recipe, please follow this link.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Shop n' Promotion { Simply elegant }

I'm proudly introducing a new collection in my shop, Simply elegant. My previous designs are mostly playful, whimsical and story like. I intended to continue doing previous designs, but I also would love to include this new feature in my shop.

My new design is inspired by everyday life. I'm thinking of something dressy. Something you can put on when you want to dress up or down :)

I still don't have a lot of items in this section yet, but please come back and check my shop out for more updates.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Shop n' Promotions { A very special order }

Yesterday morning, my fiance told me out of the blue "My mom wants you to make necklaces for her and her friend".


I'm more than honored to make something for her. In fact, I'm very happy that she asked me :)

But, the challenging thing is I know very little about her. I only met her once on my last trip to Japan. She took care of me so well with a warm welcome. When I asked my fiance about his mother, he simply replied "Don't worry, she will like everything you make". It's really sweet, but not very helpful >_<

I have already ordered some supplies in order to make necklaces for her. Necklaces in my store are mostly playful. I'm thinking something more like everyday piece, simple, but sophisticated.

I can't wait for the supplies to arrive. I'm very excited about making this very special request :)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Shop n' Promotions { Featuring in La Boheme }

I'm currently featured in Anna's lovely blog La Boheme. Thanks Anna :)

You will find yourself lost in her amazing blog that is full of inspirations from colorful interior designs, fashion, photography and much more! If you need design inspiration, don't forget to check Anna's blog out!

photo credit: Lindatinne on Flickr via La Boheme

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Lovely + Inspiring { Work spaces }

Do you like work spaces? Here are some work space photos from various artists and artisans. They are very inspiring. Looking at them make me want to work harder already :)

photo credits:
Pearson Maron
Miki Sato
Camilla Engman
Ben Javens
Studio on Fire

Friday, October 2, 2009

Feeling Italian? { Spicy tomato sauce spaghetti }

Not sure where I found this recipe, but it's been one of the hottest dishes in my household for a while now. I'd love to share this recipe with spaghetti lovers.

Spaghetti pasta, cooked
Cremini mushrooms, sliced
Basil leaves
Pizza sauce 1/2 cup
Ketchup 2 tablespoons
Garlic 2-3 cloves, chopped
Anchovy paste 1 tablespoon (Optional)
Olive Oil 1 tablespoon
Butter 1 tablespoon
Chili 1 teaspoon
Salt and Pepper

1. Heat the oil, put butter into pan with the oil.
2. Once the butter melts, add garlic and chili. Saute until fragrant.
3. Add anchovy paste. If you don't like it, you can skip this method. Stir well.
4. Add sliced mushrooms. Saute until cooked.
5. Add pizza sauce, mix well. Season with salt, pepper and ketchup.
6. Once the pasta is cooked, add into the pan. Mix well.
7. Throw in basil leaves. You may want to sprinkle more olive oil.
8. Ready to serve and enjoy :)
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