Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Shop n' Promotions { upcoming giveaway }

I finally sent necklaces to my future mother in law (as I mentioned on my last post). They have safely arrived and she seems to love them very much. I sent the vintage flower to her:

and the above necklace is for her friend. Since her friend is a music teacher, I made a custom necklace for her. My future mother in law thinks that it's such a "thoughtful gift". I'm so glad she's happy with the necklaces. I hope her friend will love it too.

***Next month is the 1st anniversary for my shop. I'm thinking about doing a giveaway. I haven't decided which necklace I'm planning to give. Please check back for more updates and a chance to win a free giveaway!!***

There are lots and lots of beetles these days, in my ROOM. I don't know if it's only me or what, but they seemed to be flying everywhere in my room. I think the weather is getting colder outside and they have to migrate somewhere warmer. They're cute, but I prefer them to be outside :P


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