Sunday, March 1, 2009


I was tagged on Facebook for something fun. I'm supposed to name 25 random things about myself, but I could only come up with 5. Here we go:

- When I was 6, I pulled out my lose baby teeth with my own hands. I liked doing it by myself than going to the dentist. Yes, I pulled out every baby teeth by myself.

- I was a meat lover and didn't eat vegetables, but now I stopped eating meat.

- When I was 10, I was in TV commercials for apples, soy sauce and milk product...LOL

- I used to be a ballet/jazz/Broadway dancer up until few years ago.

- I can sometimes predict the future. Sounds creepy isn't it?

That's all I could came up with for now. I just listed a new necklace on etsy. It's inspired by Anna Sui. I love Anna Sui collections, especially for her cosmetic lines. I love her purple/black packaging theme. They're lovely. I'm a total sucker for cosmetics and the packaging!


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