Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Today's lunch

This is what I had for today's lunch. Eggplant with fried tofu and sweet basil. This is a mock Thai food. We don't really eat eggplants in Thailand, but since many authentic ingredients are hard to find in Canada, we have to be creative a little bit. I also added sliced king mushrooms and red chili into this dish. And the star of this dish is one of my favorite herbs, Basil!! (clapping hands)

I love basil + love the smell of basil. It has a strong smell which some people can't stand. I hated it when I was young, but I really like it as I get older. I also love cilantro, um...what else, ginger, lemongrass, and many many more.

Oh, I also add boiled egg as well. I prefer it fried, but I hate to clean up after deep frying something. Yikes! So, boiled egg tastes good no less than fried egg.

Cooking is fun, but cleaning is not!


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