Wednesday, August 19, 2009

On my desk

I have been busy updating my shop for the past few days. I made a new business card design. It's MUCH better than the previous one. My sister helped me with that (Thanks little sis!!). Without her, I don't think I could figure out photoshop and other programs. I'm a photoshop dummy.

I also did some research on shop packagings. There are sooo many lovely packagings out there and I felt so inspired after looking at them. I want my shop's packagings to be a little different from other regular mails. It would be nice to receive such a nice packagings don't you think?

Lastly, I have been addicted to using these lovely hair pins. It's so handy in such a hot weather like this! The weather is extremely brutal that I have to tie my hair up into a bun. I use these hair pins to add extra cuteness. My favorite is No.5 :)

You can now choose your favorite pins. Please check out my shop for more details.


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