Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fabulous finds { What Doraemon Loves }

If you grew up reading a timeless comic as Doraemon (like me) or watching Doraemon animations (me again!). You will know by heart that Doraemon's favorite food is Dorayaki (Red bean pancakes).

I'm such a big fan of Doraemon since I was young. I remember I was jealous of Nobita for having Doraemon for his own....haha

Cooking with dog
is making a very yummy looking Dorayaki this month. I can't wait to try making it on the weekend!!

By the way, what is your favorite Doraemon tool? I love Dokodemo Door (Anywhere door)!!


fernchouxcreme said...

I want dokodemo door too! So I can go anywhere easily without plane rides and passports!

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