Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tagged { Hot guys! }

I was tagged by Rebecca...five irresistible hot guys, yay!

1. My fiance Atsushi makes the top one on the list. He is irresistible for me hahaha. He doesn't allow me to post his photo though!

2. Johnny Depp!! I fell in love with him ever since I was born.

3. Ian Somerhalder. I've been a Vampire Diaries fan lately. He makes one super hot vampire!

4. Gaspard Ulliel. I love his boyish charm.

5. Tamaki Hiroshi as Chiaki Sama. If you watch Nodame Cantabile, you'll know what I'm talking about :)

I tag Fern and Maikue and Jenny.


fernchouxcreme said...

Wow! Hot guys :D HAHAHA
I'm sure #1 guy would be especially happy!
Thanks for tagging me, I'd like to post my top 5 too, but I think I should keep my blog more about illustration :D But i'll let you know my top 5 later!!!

becca said...

hi-5 on the johnny depp and gaspard ulliel!!! i'm going to have to look up your #5 cuz he's kind of YUMMY. *nom*

Maikue said...


Cocoa Chu Chu said...

I like Tamaki Hiroshi more when he is not this skinny!

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