Monday, February 8, 2010

Shop n' Promotions { Photography help! }

I'm currently on the process of improving my shop's photographs. Last time I checked my shop, the photos are not consistent with one another. Some photos are too dark, some are too bright, the backgrounds are too busy and so on.

I'm thinking about using just a plain wood as a background, I like the handmade feeling from the wood :) but I can't really decide which one I should go for.

A) the bright + clear + colorful background.
B) asymmetrical + not too bright.
C) close up + bright + simple background.

A) Bright + clear + close up pictures:

B) Not too bright + asymmetrical + non-close up pictures:

C) Close up + bright + simple background:

Which one do you prefer? All your comments will be appreciated!!


Anonymous said...

I prefer C!!
From Udon

melis731 said...

I like A :)

Miki said...

I like C the most!

Teresa Man said...

I love these! Hard to choose a favorite, but for me A gives off a more personalized vibe whereas B & C is slightly more product-centered/commercialized. I'd go with either A or B! :)

ps. awesome blog and love your jewelry! *followed!

Cocoa Chu Chu said...

Hi Teresa,

Thanks for checking my blog and thanks for your comment about the photos as well. I like photo A too, but I had comments that they were too busy :(

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