Friday, June 18, 2010

Shop n' Promotions { Initial necklaces }

Hi there everyone. Good morning!! I hope you love Fridays as much as I do!! I just listed new initial necklaces on my shop last night. Initial necklace is so special in my opinion. It's personal and made especially just for you. It could be your own initial or someone special's initial to keep it close to your heart. It also makes a great personalized gift too! I just love it :)

They come in two colors (for now), Minty green and Snow.

I think Minty green is so in this season. I've seen it everywhere from dress, purse to nail polish!

White is so classic and timeless. I'm keeping one with letter A (Atchan)!

More colors will be available later in July. Do you prefer bright colors or pastel hues? Love to discuss?

By the way, do you have any plans for the weekend? I'm planning to go to Little Italy during the weekend. There will be some festivals going on. My friend who owns a Thai restaurant is going to sell to-go food at the festival (pad thai, spring rolls, yumm), I'm thinking about dropping by to say hi :)


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