Sunday, December 28, 2008

About the shop

Cocoa Chu Chu is founded from my love of making jewelry for my family and friends. I love making things with my hands and I love giving handmade gifts to people I know.

This blog is a journal of my creations, inspirations, some things I love and enjoy making.

The name Cocoa Chu Chu comes from my obsession with Cocoa. I love Cocoa beans and love drinking Cocoa. Chu Chu stands for kisses in Japanese. Basically, it is Cocoa XOXO in English :)

You can also find me here:
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About me

I'm Fai. I'm a newly wed and a jewelry designer under the shop named Cocoa Chu Chu. I'm from Bangkok, Thailand, but currently living in Toronto, Canada with my family and a little puppy. I'm planning to move to Japan by next year (I can't wait!). My life is full of adventures at the moment :)

Other than that, here's some info about me:

I love handmade, crafts, addicted to bubble tea, music, Japanese dramas, books, magazines, my puppy, summer festivals, barefoot in the ocean, my lovely family, my wonderful hubby (Atchan), vacations, good caf├ęs, cute illustrations, literature, history and many many more.

Feel free to drop by and say hi:

If you would like to exchange links, banners or be an affiliate on my blog, please feel free to contact me. I will do my best to reply you asap!

Thanks for taking your time to visit my blog :)

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