Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My favorite things

I'll be blogging about TEA today. Having tea everyday in the afternoon seems like a ritual for me. Yes, I'm addicted to tea. I guess I need to have some caffeine in my system to get things started.

My favorite kind of tea is Green tea. The best I had was when I went to the temple in Kyoto and they offered free green tea. It was so light, clean and smooth. I wish I could make tea like that some day :)

I bought an Earl gray tea from Harney & Sons the other day at Indigo. First because I love drinking it, and second, I think I could use the packaging as a prop for my etsy store.

I have recently received a tea pot as a birthday gift from a really good friend. Look how cute it is! It has little strawberries pattern on it and the BEST thing is that it's a cup in itself! How convenience! I've never seen anything like this before. My friend knows that I'm tea crazy! It's sure a handy gift for me!


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