Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Shop n' Promotions { Craft fair display }

I'm updating about my shop's progression on this coming craft fair. I'm very excited about it. I sent some invites to people who have joined my facebook group. If you haven't seen or received it, please check out this LINK.

For the past few days, I was doing some research on the craft fair displays. Since, it's my very first craft fair ever, I want it to be as smooth as it could be :)

I stumbled upon a lovely paper tier that they usually use for cupcakes. I find it can be as good as a jewelry display as well. The picture above is what it looks like.

There're a lot of things to do of course, but this is my craft fair's progression so far.

Some close up shots of my DIY paper tier....

I will update more later :)


Anonymous said...

super cute!!
I wanna buy one.
From Corn

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