Monday, August 31, 2009

Fabulous finds { Naraya bags n' accessories }

Few months ago, I made a visit to Bangkok for the first time in five years. I felt like a total foreigner in my own country. So much have changed, new buildings, roads, but what remained unchanged is a hot, sauna like and very steamy air that Bangkok has.

I was doing some shopping for souvenirs for some friends in Canada, and I thought this might be the best, suitable and affordable gift for my friends.

I visited Naraya bag and accessories store in Sukhumvit branch. The store is very well known among Japanese and Korean tourists. Of course, I couldn't help buying some for my fiancé's mother and sister :)

I got myself a new makeup bag. I love small flower prints and baby blue fabric :)

and some small pouches for friends....

Other items from Naraya:

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Jenny said...

Quilted items are total love!

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