Thursday, January 7, 2010

Wedding hairstyles

I've been doing some research about wedding hairstyles. I still can't decide which one I should go for. I'm crazy about braids these days, but I'm not sure if it's too much for the wedding.

Wavy, Flowy and Simple. All you need is a lovely crown.

Half french braid.

I specially love this one on Molly Sims.

I also love this one on Lauren Conrad :)


Maikue said...

i love the half french braid because to me, its very simple and has a very sweet look! i don't know how to explain it!

but I like it very much!

Andy Tan said...

Love the one on Molly i just hope it wouldn't cover the top details of your wedding dress. Unless it's a tube type. LC's is classic. That's the one with tiny braids from the front looped up to the back, right? Lovely.

Oh, and what a pretty site you have here! Hope to catch it daily!

Cocoa Chu Chu said...

Thanks Andy, my dress is a tube dress. I think I might go with LC's style. I'm not sure if there are braids at the back. That would be cute too. There are so many nice hair styles to choose from and I still can't decide!!! ugh!

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