Tuesday, February 16, 2010

DIY { 5 Minutes Pin Board }

It doesn't take a long time for this DIY. You only need 5-10 minutes.

What you need:

A pair of scissors, Double sided tape, Glue stick, Pins and Wrapping paper or Cloth.

Two pieces of card board (or just one if you want). Cut them to match the size of the frame. I got mine from an old box.

A frame. I love vintage style frame. I bought mine at St.Lawrence Market :)

How to:

Take one card board and apply glue stick all over it. I also used double sided tape for extra strength.

Then put another card board over the first card board (you can skip this method if you use only one card board).

Cut wrapping paper to match the size of the card board. Apply glue on it, then paste the paper over the cardboard.

Put them in the frame and Voila, you got one good looking pin board :)
Happy Family Day, Smile!!


Rain said...

The board looks nice and easy. I think I'm gonna try it too :P

Jenny said...

Awe how lovely!!

Maikue said...

AH! i love it. TAKING THIS IDEA!! HMM HM!!

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