Sunday, May 2, 2010

Wedding bouquets { Peony, Rose and Hydrangea }

I'm really obsessed with Peony, Rose and Hydrangea flowers lately. I think they are gorgeous and would make a wonderful wedding bouquet.

I was planning to make a DIY bouquet at first, but buying different kinds of flowers would cost me at least $60 already. I decided to go to a professional instead. I'm meeting with my florist on Monday, I still can't decide which color combination I should go for.

Atchan loves the 2nd one, Light green hydrangea and ivory rose. His idea of a wedding should be white. Since my dress is already white, I prefer to have a little bit of colors. I love the color combination on the last bouquet, White, light pink and fuschia peony in full bloom.

Please help me pick which one I should go for! Many thanks in advance :)

Light purple peony and ivory rose.

Light green hydrangea and ivory rose.

Sweet pea, white peony and not sure what the rest are :(

Yellow, white and pink peony, pink rose and lily.

White, light pink and fuschia peony in full bloom.

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Sandy a la Mode said...

i did roses and peonies for my wedding bouquet! i'd go for the first one, soo pretty!

Anonymous said...

the last one is the most beautiful im courious about the price tho i heard peonies were extremly expensive!

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