Monday, July 26, 2010

Fabulous finds { Vacation please! }

I'm planning a late vacation getaway around October-ish to Thailand. It's not really summer anymore around October in Canada, but in Thailand it is!! (we have summer all year round, yay!).

I happened to come up with my wish list while searching where to travel to. I'd love to wear a long summer dress with a straw hat. I'm also loving these vintage inspired luggage from Kitson. Lastly, I have been wanting an Olympus PEN camera for a really long time. You have got to invest on one good camera, right?

For now, I'm starting my Monday with Starbucks inspired java chips drink!! Have an awesome day :)


Becca said...

oooh that looks really yummy!!! and I would wear long dresses if only I wouldn't trip over them so much x)

and finally there is a photo of your face on your blog!!! <3333 preeeety~

Cocoa Chu Chu said...

I never had long dresses before, I'll be careful not to step over them LOL.

I picked this photo especially coz my face is kinda blurry....hehe

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