Monday, August 24, 2009

Florals & Frilly

Not sure since when did I start to fill my closet up with florals and frilly clothes. Before I know it, my closet is full of these type of clothes and dresses. My boyfriend even teases how girly I have became! Trust me, I'm not girly, I just appear that way!

Not long before, I wouldn't wear something with flower prints on it (but I love frilly clothes). I thought that the look is very hard to pull off. I somehow started to love to mix and match floral, flower prints with other clothes and accessories from my closet.

One of my favorite dresses at the moment is from Pageboy. I got it on sale too! yay! The dress is a little bit too big for me, though.

Got these tops from Forever 21 last week.

Lastly, one of my favorite tops in the summer. Got this at a flea market in Thailand. I love wearing cotton in the summer!


Maikue said...

i super love the prints!!!

and your etsy handmades are BEAUTIFUL!

fernchouxcreme said...

your floral dresses are so cute :D

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