Friday, February 26, 2010

Fabulous finds { The Japanese Skincare Revolution }

Seriously who doesn't want to have glowing skin? Of course, I too want to have glowing skin without having to spend too much money on expensive skincare products. I'm a big fan of skincare products and I wear makeup on a regular basis. So, I just can't miss this!

If you read Japanese magazines such as CanCam or Non-no. I'm sure you are familiar with this name. Chizu Saeki is a well-known beauty expert in Japan. She is famous for her "Lotion Mask". I once saw the lotion mask technique on CanCam and was so curious to know what it was. I'm very happy that her book is translated into English!

The lotion mask is similar to facial mask sheets, but you can use your own lotion and a cotton without having to spend $10-15 per sheet!

After I read her interviews, I decided to buy it on Amazon immediately. Her book provides a holistic way of caring your skin such as massage techniques, at home spa, etc. You can read her interviews here:

Talking Makeup

The Japan Times


and the famous lotion mask video here:

Skincare revolution clip


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