Friday, February 26, 2010

Japan, I miss you { part 2 of 2 }

Last post, I blogged about Tokyo area, we stayed around Tokyo for 3-4 days (not enough!), we headed to Kyoto, Osaka and Yokohama.

I don't know what flower it was, but it was beautiful!

Kiyomizu temple
(清水寺). I went there to prayed for my love life hehehehe. I even bought Omamori(お守り).

Osaka castle (大坂城). I went there by myself because a certain someone had to work. There was a Johnny group performing at the hall near the castle. I didn't know what group it was though. There were many highschool girls screaming and holding paper fans (with idols' faces on it!).

Glico man @ Namba, one of my favorite shopping and eating places.

Yokohama was the last stop. It was sooo romantic although the Ferris wheel experience was terrifying (I'm afraid of height!). I didn't get many night shots since my crappy camera couldn't take photos very well at night.

Sakura branch & Full moon = Lovely.

Wonder where should I visit next time in Japan :)


Jenny said...

Very cool :D And those are beautiful photos :D

becca said...

wuaaaaahhhh the temple and the castle are so cute! and i really love that last photo, gorgeous!! <3

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